Gain PRO

Make your feed more valuable

Enhance your feed performance with Gain PRO, our functional feed ingredient derived from residual shrimp raw material.

Gain PRO will make your feed more valuable by enhancing the quality of your feed or by lowering the cost point.

ProChaete - Gain pro for for fish
Residual shrimp raw material by ProChaete | functional proteins

Main Ingredient


At ProChaete, we create functional proteins of high quality. Using Gain PRO will give you these advantages:

Unmatched Freshness

Our functional proteins, sourced from fresh ingredients, provide maximum nutritional benefits. This approach create superior feed products.

Enhanced Health

Functional proteins boost the immune system and overall health of your stock, making them more resistant to diseases and stress.

Enhanced Growth

The right functional proteins contribute to accelerated growth rates, improving the yield and profitability.

Enhanced Taste

Fresh shrimp and farmed polychaetes leads to better-tasting produce.


Functional proteins aid in vibrant pigmentation, enhancing the appearance and market value your stock.

Predictable Quality

A more sustainable production guarantees a reliable supply chain with stable prices, high quality, and a long shelf life.

Sustainable Sourcing

Fresh residual shrimp raw material and farmed polychaetes, contributing to a more sustainable industry.


Rigorously tested for parasites, bacteria, and viruses to ensure a safe and disease-free stock.

ProChaete - Gain pro for for fish

How to use Gain PRO?

Functional proteins creates value

A quick glance at the price list will tell you that there are cheaper protein alternatives out there. But once you start factoring in the quality of the protein and the benefits your production will receive by using Gain PRO, the equation changes. What might at first glance look expensive, is in fact, a very smart investment. By using Gain PRO, your feed will receive a multitude of benefits, allowing you to produce a premium feed at a higher price point.

Alternatively, using Gain PRO’s many functional attributes will allow you to replace many costly ingredients with a cheaper alternative. So, your feed will have the same quality, but you can produce it at a lower price point.

Whichever direction you feel is the right one for your feed – Gain PRO can help you make a better feed. And you will also get the benefit of using a more sustainable ingredient in your feed, helping our business meet the demands of the future.

Use sustainable proteins

Produce premium feed

Utilise functional proteins

Pricing example

A cost-effective feed ingredient

All these benefits are not worth much unless the numbers add up. So allow us to show you how you can make a better feed that is more sustainable while also producing great benefits you can pass on to your customers (presumably at a higher price point).

Or to use Gain PRO to produce the same quality feed as you do today at a lower cost, giving you a more flexible feed with a greater margin. 

The pricing example refers to Tilapia at Sea Farms aqua center, Wales. 

Gain more €


500 000





Expected biomass

250 000


Gain by Gain PRO

25 915


Total biomass

275 915


Sales price, per kg


Increased revenue

85 518

Total revenue

1 103 660

The science of eating healthy shrimp bi-products

University of Texas A&M and Sea Farms Nutrition Ltd have conducted a study that evaluate the use of shrimp bi-products as a feed ingredient in growth trials.


Final Weight encreased with use of 2,5% Gain pro


Gain PRO has a tremendous potential with a thorough testing and trials on aquaculture and fish.

All the shrimp used in Gain PRO are ASC certified.

Our current shrimp processing capacity allows us to produce thousands of tonnes of Gain PRO. This product boasts a shelf life two years, enabling efficient logistics, storage, and usage. Trials have shown an optimal inclusion rate of 2.5 – 5%. The product is presented as a free-flowing powder with a particle size of < 1500 microns. It offers a unique aroma and taste while maintaining high digestibility.

Prochaete science


Prochaete science


If you’re interested in testing our innovative functional protein in your feed, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to assisting you in improving your feed.