FMR pro for fish

Be less dependent on fish meal

The feed ingredient is crafted from farmed polychaetes, rich in proteins and adds several functional benefits to your feed.

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Farmed polychaetes by ProChaete | functional protein

Main Ingredient


Enhanced Palatability

Great taste leading to higher feed intake, subsequently increasing biomass production.

Taste transformation

Farmed polycheates elevate the taste and freshness of your aquaculture produce, delivering a better tasting fish.

Great savings

Predictable supply and consistent pricing provide a significant economic advantage.

Product information

With a high protein count of 60 percentage FMR PRO is a fantastic fish meal replacer.

Based on farmed polycheates it does indeed replace all the qualities of the fish meal while it adds functional benefits to your feed. And it delivers all this a at a very competitive price point.

10-20% is the optimal inclusion count.

FMR PRO allows you to be less depended on fishmeal. Read more in Aqua culture magasine which protein sources are the best and most sustainable (page 18).

The polychaete advantage

Our tests reveal that FMR PRO not only serve as complete fishmeal replacements but also yield additional benefits. 

FMR + Polychaete 0,5-10%


Feed economics

All these benefits are not worth much unless the numbers add up.

So allow us to show you how you can make a better feed that is more sustainable while also producing great benefits you can pass on to your customers (presumably at a higher price point). Or to use FMR PRO to produce the same quality feed as you do today at a lower cost, giving you a more flexible feed with a greater margin.

The example refers to a study by University of Idaho using trout. By using of 2% polychaete the final weight increased 21%. 

Pricing example


500 000





Expected biomass

230 500


Weight gained by CEP PRO

47 500


Total biomass

275 915


Sales price, per kg


Increased revenue

195 938

Prochaete science


Prochaete science


If you’re interested in testing our innovative functional protein in your feed, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to assisting you in improving your feed.